Call to LoveA Call to Love
Since man has been able to question, we have asked “Why are we here?” and “What is the purpose of life anyway?” Volumes have been written on the subject, in hopes of answering what seems to be a question built into mankind, as we hunger to learn the mysteries of life, sometimes questioning the “why?” of it all.

As we move through life, our experiences begin to lay down for us some clues. Our conclusions can construct for us a frame of reference from which all life decisions are made. These conclusions become our value system, and when we live by it, we can experience a sense of peace and integrity. Over time, I have come to accept the following, and I would like to share it with you.

I have come to understand and accept that life’s deepest purpose can be found in relationships. We are here to remember our divine origin, and the connections we have with each other. As we connect with each other and God, through experience and our faith, we have the opportunity to grow spiritually, and experience the gift of unconditional love.

“What a simple answer!” you might say, to a question asked by wise men of all ages. I have found that the answer may be simple, but the work involved involves a high level of commitment, and is a “call to love.” Life offers us endless opportunities, through relationships, and life events, to make those connections that make life worth living.

Through the recent tragic events, I am reminded once again that our connection to each other is real and that, without question, what unites us is far greater than what divides us. This simple truth became a glaring light, transmitted from television sets across the world on September 11th, 2001.

We all felt the same thing… the shock, the denial, the anger, and the pain. Our emotions connecting us with each other as we watched with disbelief. Our illusion of safety was shattered, our freedom threatened, and our minds just could not comprehend such unspeakable violence against unsuspecting, innocent people.

Together, we watched the event endlessly, viewing the same film over and over, hoping that during one of the viewings, that the sight before us would change, and maybe what we saw happen would not be so.

As the events continued to unfold, and faces, and names, and personalities were revealed, we cried together with empathy. We listened to the mother whose son called from the plane, and we knew what she was feeling… We watched as a young women who looked for her fiancé, and listened as she spoke of her ‘hopes and dreams”… and we remembered our own ‘hopes and dreams”, and we all understood her pain.

We called our friends, we called our family, and we prayed. It is through this universal experience that we are shown something very important about ourselves, for it is through these simple acts, that we experience the connection that unites us through love, and to each other, all over the world. All at once, we are focused on the same thing, that which is really important in our lives, and that is our relationships.

As we watch the rescue workers, and listen to the interviews, we are struck by the sheer goodness before us, as these heroic people put their own lives in jeopardy to help others. Doctors, nurses, police and firefighters come from all over to offer help. Bystanders offer comfort and love to people they thought were strangers.

I, like most, look for the message of what we can learn, as individuals and people. As I see the good we can do together, and the love we can exchange in this time of need, I realize the potential we have to change the world. This tragedy becomes a time to be our “best selves”, as we answer the call to be more than we thought we could be. This love we give to each other, this kindness and empathy, can be brought into our daily lives.

Each day our work life enables us to interact, and share our “best self”. Our home life allows us to give and receive love, and experience the gift of God. Our daily contact with strangers can be gratifying, if we keep sight of ‘why we are here”, and answer the “call to love”. We can make everyday a conscious joyful connection, and through our efforts, live in a better world.


Marci is a nationally known artist whose work is known as “Children of the Inner Light®” Her special characters and writing are about relationships– our relationship to each other in the world and our deep connections to each other as human beings. To learn more about Marci and her Children of the Inner Light® visit