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1) I found Marci's book!
If you found Marci's book of Daily Inspirations.... there is a reason! Someone left it hoping that you would be inspired, and hoping that your day would be uplifted because of finding a fun surprise gift!

2) Ok...now what?
The idea is, that you will enjoy the book, take in a little wisdom, or just smile at how relevant the little inspirations are to your life. Then, either leave the book where you found it for someone else to enjoy, OR take it somewhere else where you think it will do some good. It's that simple! If you would like to share your story about finding the book...look at #3.

3) Yes, I want to share my story!
If you want to share your story about where you found the book, and what it meant to you click here. If you want to read other stories click here.

4) Marci, why did you come up with this idea?
I have come to understand that our greatest joys and happiness come from our relationships.... and it is often the simple things that bring us lasting joy. We have the opportunity every day to connect with others and make a difference in their lives. Our friends and family are the first place to start, but every day events also offer us the chance to fill the world with love. I became aware through my work, of the need for inspiration as everyone is dealing with one challenge or another. I thought this would be a fun way to get lots of people involved and experience our human connection....together we can make a difference!

5) Marci, I love this idea.... I haven't found a book, but I want to help!
If you want to help spread joy in your area by leaving my book for another to find, email me. I will select people from all over the country to help.

6) What is a good place to leave the book?
I am sure you will come up with the best ideas, but here are some of the places i have heard so far. Doctors offices, Hairdressers, trains, busses, coffee shops, restaurants. Click here to read what others have said.

7) Marci, Can you tell me more about your book?
This amazing little book came to me "all at once" in a single inspiration! I wrote 367 inspirations one after another until the book was finished. It was hard to do anything else while this was happening to me...I would pull the car over from driving and write....or stop cooking and write! It was an amazing experience that I knew I had to share, so I published the book myself at first. I put the inspirations in the book in the order in which they came to me! Then I took it right to the mall in my hometown to sell it! Now it is available nationally.

8) Can I buy your book to give to my family and friends?
Yes! My book is available in gift shops where ever you find my gift collection. If your store does not carry it, ask them to get it in! A shop owner can call Enesco at 1-800-436-3726 to get my line, including my book.