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I have come to understand that life's deepest purpose can be found in relationships. It is our connection with our parents, our children, our spouses, our siblings and our friends that provide us with lasting joy. I hope that these messages express what is in your heart, and give voice to your deepest feelings. Use these cards to tell your loved ones how much you care --- as a birthday or holiday card, or as an acknowledgment that the bonds we form are everlasting.
Apology Friends (2 ladies) Journey Home One Day at a Time
Bride Friends (Boy - Girl) Like a Daughter One Day at a Time - hippies
Bridesmaid Friendship (2 ladies) Like A Father Parents
Brother Friendship (Boy - Girl) Like A Mom Prayer for Acceptance
Children of the Inner Light Get Well Like A Son Relationship
Love and Support God Father Long Time Friends Sisters
Congratulations God Mother Mentor - man Social Worker
Cousins Godchild Mentor - woman Son
Daughter Graduate Mother Special Friend
Difficult Times Grandchild Mother/Daughter (To daughter) Teacher
Doctor Grandfather Mother/Daughter (To mother) Thank You
Family Blessings Grandmother Nephew Thanksgiving
Father Gratitude New Baby To My Mother
Father/Daughter (To daughter) Groomsman New Friend To My New Baby
Father/Son Husband New Home Twins
Follow Your Dreams Niece I Love My Cat Nurse Wife
For Bride and Groom I Love My Dog Old Friend  
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